TR Electronic Videos

We try to produce and share videos that are both helpful and sometimes entertaining. Here's a blend of the two.

This video showcases automation in the world of theatre production. It may surprise you!

Encoders in Theatre Applications

This video shows how important visualization is in the stamping and forming industry, something we can help you with!

TR Advanced Sensors for the Stamping and Metal Forming

This video is an example of Linear Measuring systems at work in the injection moulding industry.

Linear Transducers in Injection Moulding Machines

This one takes place in an automated warehouse, using laser distance measurement.

LE200 Laser Distance Measurement used in Automated Warehouse System

Now this video shows you, we have a sense of humour... a SIXTH sense!

*NEW* Amazing TR Sixth Senses Dead People

This video is the introduction to our plant in Germany (It IS in German).

Unternehmensvorstellung TR-Electronic