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News We've got the wire draw encoders you want!

We've got the wire draw encoders you want!

January 7, 2019

Wire Draw Encoders String Pots, Yo-Yos, Yo-Yo Pots, Draw Wire Sensors, String Encoders, Cable Actuated Position Sensors, String Position Transducers, Cable Retractors – whatever name you use, we've got them!

Our Rotary Incremental and Absolute encoders can be equipped with a cable retractor in lengths up to 50 metres. If you want to convert mechanical motion into an electrical signal that can be metered, recorded or transmitted, TR Electronic's Cable Retractors can help. With three different device classes available, we can fulfill the specific needs of your application’s mechanical loads, duty cycle, resolution and accuracy. Find out what solutions we have for your specific need.


  • Available in 2--50m ranges
  • Easily connect to almost any TR Encoder for virtually any interface
  • New and retrofit applications can often be exactly matched to the desired scale
  • Able to connect to competitor encoders
  • Industry leading, 24/7 Technical Support
  • Fast delivery

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