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COVID 19 Update - Essential Services

March 24, 2020
As announced yesterday, our Government has announced the mandatory closing of all non-essential services to curb the spread of COVID-19.    The Government has identified essential services as:

Robert Zúñiga – Gerente de Cuentas para LATAM y Ventas Internas

February 20, 2020
En la secundaria, Robert recibió el premio mayor por el Consejo Canadiense de Técnicos y Tecnólogos a través de un proyecto sobre la biotecnología en su feria científica regional. Este hito le preparó el camino, bajo una sed insaciable de conocimiento, a continuar su carrera en tecnologías emergentes y en la lingüística.

Part-feeding in a non-perfect environment: Can you spot the crumb trail?

November 21, 2019
The perfect package In an ideal world, every bit of dust, debris or residue from the manufacturing process will be reduced or completely eliminated from the final quality and packaging controls. It’s like receiving your favorite package of cookies with each product perfectly shaped, sized and facing the proper direction, in pristine packaging.

Why the turkey WASN’T proposed as the bird for America’s Great Seal, and other surprising turkey facts

November 21, 2019
Although it isn’t true that Benjamin Franklin wanted the turkey to be used on America’s seal, it is true that he felt the turkey would be a better choice than the bird that has become a symbol of America’s strength and freedom, the bald eagle.

Visitors discover TR Electronic innovation and opportunity at PCC Oktoberfest

November 21, 2019
Members of the TR Electronic team recently attended PCC Oktoberfest for the fifth consecutive year. We look forward to participating in the PCC Oktoberfest every year because it spans a wide range of industries and offers many valuable educational seminars.

The bewitching myths of the Salem witches

October 29, 2019
Pointy, black hats. Broomsticks in flight. Black cats curled up by a fire that’s heating a cauldron filled with a bubbling, spooky potion. Many myths and assumptions come to mind when one thinks of witches. The reference to Salem Witch Trials brings to mind the persecution of witches in Salem, Massachusetts, along with the assumption that those found guilty of the crime of witchcraft were burned at the stake.

The digital (mis)information age

October 29, 2019
When German inventor Johannes Gutenberg invented the modern printing press 560 years ago, it was a painstaking task to arrange wooden block letters to form words for transfer onto paper. Hours of work could be wasted due to a spelling error or an incorrect sentence, requiring additional work before publication.

Meet our newest distributor!

October 29, 2019
We’re thrilled to announce I & C Sales North will represent our products in Michigan. Backed by almost 4 decades serving the Michigan area, the distributor demonstrates a solid understanding of area industry needs and a proven ability to deliver quality proces

July 4th: Not Independence Day

October 3, 2019
Did you know that the Fourth of July isn’t really America’s Independence Day?

Need a replacement for the SIMODRIVE POSMO? We have a solution for that!

October 1, 2019
Our encoTRive series of positioning drives are specifically designed tor seamless replacement of the former SIMODRIVE POSMO product range.  But, our drives are even better! With a range of gearboxes to offer a wider variety of variations, powerful automation of main and secondary axes, and functionally coordinated drive technology from a single source, and more, you'll find the encoTRive to be the perfect solution. 

Tap Into Technology: Join us at PCC Oktoberfest!

October 1, 2019
  We're excited to be participating in PCC Oktoberfest in Wisconsin on October 24th, and we hope to see you there! Let's Tap Into Technology together!

Closing the gap for linear displacement measuring systems

August 29, 2019
Introducing the new LM_S 34 series solution!

Greenland: The land of irony

August 8, 2019
Greenland sounds like a beautiful land covered in lush green

A View of the Past -- No Time Machine Required

August 7, 2019
You don’t need a time machine to look into the past. While you would need a time machine to experience the past, all you need to do to see the past is to look up at the night sky. Because of the distance between objects in our solar system and other areas of space from earth, it takes an amount of time for the light that we see when looking at stars and planets to reach us – so by the time we see it, we are actually looking at a view of the past.

Messages from Space

July 10, 2019
Astronomers are trying to decipher sound waves that some believe could be messages from other galaxies after a radio pulse – also known as a Fast Radio Burst, or FRB – was detected and located by a radio telescope.

Ever wish you could have ultraviolet or infrared vision?

June 13, 2019
Going beyond what the eye can see Forget about Kodak, Nikon, Fuji, Canon and any other major lens companies. Nature is still the best vision manufacturer in the world. Regardless of the size or the angular degree of concavity, the light-capturing instrument we call the eye is both adaptive and one of the most complex biological systems functioning in our visually stimulating environment.

Worried a robot will take your job? Relax: artificial intelligence (AI) doesn’t terminate jobs, it can create them

June 13, 2019
  There’s a lot of talk about technology advancements, particularly with regard to automation and artificial intelligence. Some people worry that jobs will be eliminated, taken over by robots, and unemployment rates will skyrocket. But the reality, according to a number of recent studies, is the opposite: AI doesn’t eliminate jobs, it creates them.

Plastic Ubiquity and a Circular Economy

May 21, 2019
Single-use consumption of your favourite coffee pod, TV dinner tray and the conventional thin plastic bag have the potential to be highly desirable, recyclable items by today’s  manufacturing industry. But is there a way to protect the environment while also preserving the disposable economy? A revolving-door alternative may prove more sustainable in the long run.